The Unbelievable Perk to Raw Land Investments

No surprise: when investors visit our projects they don’t want to go back. Naturally at some point they do, so it’s pictures galore to show family and friends.

A typical day for me looks like this: I wake up as the sun is just coming over the Costa Rica coast, kiss my wife and children, grab my board, surf until 8 and then dive into real estate for the day.

It’s a great start to my day and it reflects my attitudes toward life and work. In other words, when I’m not snapping up paradise across Central America for rock bottom prices, I’m enjoying myself.

In fact, I’m enjoying myself pretty much every minute I’m alive.

Any time Park and I could be scouting the coast and bump into one of the most beautiful landscapes we’ve ever seen…

Maybe it’s an uninhabited island with blue marlin swimming beneath the waves. Maybe it’s stepping out from behind a clump of palm trees to find a spectacular beach with surf-worthy tides.

Because we work in uncharted paradise, adventure and new surprises are always waiting for us.

And that’s exactly the way we feel real estate investments should be. But for most Americans that’s just not the case.

Correcting the Mistakes of U.S. Real Estate Investments

As you know, I’ve always felt like the U.S. real estate investment system was oppressive. That may not come as a surprise to you given what I’ve told you in the past about our experience in the States.

And I’ve already told you why our model to investing in raw land is quite possibly the smartest investment you’ll ever make. And you’ve already seen how utterly beautiful and breathtaking the property is in Central America.

You just can’t find these things in the U.S. But there’s something else that’s just not right about investing in U.S. real estate.

In a normal U.S. transaction, you, the investor, hand over your money and wait. And wait. Now that just doesn’t seem the least bit fair, do you?

Because it’s your investment, Park and I think you should be able to use that investment. Let me show you want I mean.

Roughing It in Paradise

When we were working on the Playa Burica project, in the early stages the property was thick with trees. There was about ten square feet of open space. But that didn’t stop some of our investors from visiting…

One investor flew down to Panama and joined us. Good thing he was a rugged, pioneer-type, because we had to pitch a tent on that ten square feet of space. But who cares?

Our cabanas are designed and built to maintain the wild, remote atmosphere of our properties.

During the day we surfed, fished in the shade off of the beach and trekked through the jungle.

At night howler monkeys languished in the trees above us. White-faced Capuchins sang. And whales surfaced far out in the ocean.

The thing you have to understand is this investor was enjoying his investment…an opportunity absolutely impossible to pull off in the United States.

The Conditions ALWAYS Get Better

But if camping in a thick jungle isn’t your cup of tea, you’ll be happy to know that all of our properties go through several stages of development.

At Playa Burica, we eventually cleared some brush and grass and built a cabana on the property, a cabana that any investor could use.

That brought out a few more investors—those who’d appreciate a little civilization…but not much—to fly down and stay for a week or two in relative comfort.

Some investors came down alone. Others brought along their entire family.

And think about this: if you paid retail for a similar vacation you’d easily shell out $10,000, if not more, depending on the size of your family

What’s even crazier is that not only do you get to use the property, but you actually get to use it as a blank slate.

Create the Perfect Paradise Lifestyle—Free

Four nautical miles from the mainland of Panama is an island called Boca Chica. It’s one of hundreds uninhabited islands off the coast of Panama.

It’s a 400 acre island that was just about given away. When Park and I scouted this property, we were blown away…

Superior surf waves are abundant in Latin America. We find them all the time.

As were our investors.

And here’s the beautiful part: all investors had to do was cross 4 miles of water and hang out in a landscape untouched by commotion and clutter.

Imagine what it would be like to tell your children that you are taking them to their very own private island to explore the jungle and spot Toucans, orange-chinned parakeets, green dart frogs and iguanas.

Imagine spending the day water skiing, fishing or standup paddling.

All of this is at the disposal of our investors. Any time they want. For free. And while they’re enjoying themselves, we’re off making them money.

One of our investors actually got to fulfill a lifetime dream, something he’d have to pay top dollar anywhere else.

Fishing Like No Other Fishing in the World

He’d been threatening to go spear fishing for months since his involvement in the investment, but finally he got his act together and took the plunge.


On a Saturday morning we arranged for a fifteen foot panga with a Yamaha 15 engine to pick him at high tide. The boat arrived on time in front of the cabana.

We made it around the end of the peninsula, inside the island, and over towards the border of Costa Rica. The locals found some rocks jutting out of the ocean about 150 yards from the shore—far enough from the muddy river dumping into the ocean—and pulled the boat just outside of them.

The first thing he noticed when he jumped into the water was the current. It takes some effort to not get washed in the direction of the rocks. It took a few seconds, but our investor got used to it.

On the surface, he couldn’t see anything, so he dove down about 20 feet. When the cloudy water cleared hundreds of fish appeared.

It took a couple of passes, but our investor got a hang of diving down, eyeing the fish and trying to spear one in time enough to come back up for air.

Park and one of our investors pose with the 300 lb tuna they just caught off the cost of Panama.

The local who was fishing with us went down 5 times, got 5 shots and came up with 4 fish! The guy was a pro.

Even though our investor never speared a fish, he got to live a dream. That night we threw the fish on the grill and hung out in the cabana’s hammocks.

That kind of adventure is hard to beat. And it awaits anyone interested in investing with us.

Take the Next Step

Right now we are working on a new project and are looking actively for investors. Just like Boca Chica and Playa Burica, this is another mouth-watering investment opportunity that’s taken years to assemble.

The time we’ve taken to put this deal together should remind you that we do not take just any investor. We are selective with our property and we are selective with our investors.

We practice hard-core due diligence all around. It’s the only way we can assure our investors of a screaming good deal.

So if you’re interested in knowing more, give me a call. I’d love to talk to you. Just dial 888-436-7198 and ask for Josh. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Until then, I’m heading out to look at properties,

Josh Linnes
Emerging Terrains

P.S. Outside of crazy good deals based upon our best-theme model on outrageously beautiful beachfront property that YOU actually get to use, there’s another really good reason this type of investment should interest you. It has a lot to do with protecting your assets from theft, coercion, and litigation. I’ll tell you more about it in the next email.