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Josh Linnes
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Park Wilson
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Panama Expedition

Here’s a short video that we use for our end buyers in selling a trip to come down and check out our Playa Mystica Project. It will probably help you get and idea of where we invest and how we market the land.

ETI Media Properties

Here are some of our online projects. These will give you an idea of our marketing efforts.

Emerging Terrains
Company Website

Emerging Terrains News
Latin News Website that covers each of the countries in Central America as well as Ecuador.

Playa Burica
Real Estate Project. Nearly sold out.

Playa Mystica
Real Estate Project. Just about to launch. We will be selling 60 lots.

Monte Vida
50 Acre Park. An initiative whereby we are going to preserve 50 acres of primary rainforest, create a national park, and generate moderate returns for our investors.

Mango Bay Villa
We were hired by the developer and owner of the villa to market the home for sale.

Boca Chica Island
Real Estate Project. Website for the entire island where Playa Mystica & Monte Vida reside.